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"The cybersecurity jobs crisis is getting worse, and companies are making mistakes with hiring."

- Information Systems Security Association (ISSA)

"57% say a shortage of cybersecurity skills has impacted the organization they work for"

According to a study of 500+ cybersecurity professionals,

by the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG)

"38% of cybersecurity employees experience burnout"

Case Study of One of Our Best Clients


No consistent inflow of leads combined with the inability to pay employees enough, led to a 30-35% yearly employee churn rate

Our Solution

1: Created an emergency recruiting system because of how many employees left, the ability to deliver anything on time, if at all was extremely hindered.

2: After they had enough employees to deliver in an acceptable time frame we went back to the offer and overall value proposition, revamped it, niched them and their service down to make every customer worth 2-3x more than before they started working with us.

3: When we had our final audience we built a semi-automated outreach process with an emphasis on qualification because the current methods of lead generation were getting a lot of unqualified prospects.

4: When there was consistent lead flow in place, and consistent $$ coming in, we could finally focus on the last piece and arguably most important, employee retention. The 2 main implementations were a specific change in the hiring process, which led to better, more qualified employees being hired, ones that fit into the company culture and were a proper fit. And second a major shift was made in overall company culture, which before working with us our client basically didn't even have.

5. After everything was set in place all we needed to do was scale and enjoy the growth


273 new QUALIFIED leads generated in 15 months

£3.5m generated in that time

YoY Employee Churn Rate cut in half

I Want Results Like These!

Our Process



Increase Profit Margins & Establish A Way To Bring In Consistent Deals Into

The Pipeline



Create Employee Retention And Recruiting Systems To Bring In The BEST & Most Qualified Talent



Work On Building The Most Optimal Company Culture To Keep Employees AT The Company And Keep

Them Happy



With A New, Bigger, And More Valuable Team, We Can Now Scale And Grow

What Our Clients Have To Say

"Before working with the GC we were struggling to get consitent work, especially during Covid, After working with Leon we were able to increase our sales by 75% in Q2 and almost double our margins with one simple change, And simply by changing a few things in how we operate we started getting deals, we could never imagine! like an exclusive contract with UpStack!


VP & Principlal Of Pynest

Cybersecurity Branch

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